Hi! I’m Leo Scholl, a neuroscientist who likes to build things. I’m currently a postdoctoral researcher in Amy Orsborn’s lab at the University of Washington. I’m interested in how the structure of networks in the brain influences function.



My recent work:

Pulvinar contributions to visual cortical processing in the rat // PhD Dissertation

Experica // Software for closed-loop vision experiments, in collaboration with Alex Zhang

multisection-imager // Automated fluorescent microscopy acquisition and framework for image processing pipelines, with built-in image stitching, normalization, and flat-field correction

Restoration of vision in rats with retinal degeneration // Talk on how the Lyon lab demonstrated cortical visual responses following retinal sheet transplants in otherwise blind rats

wallberry // A weather station for your home! Probes can be set up around the house or outside, and multiple displays can be connected to a centralized server where data is logged

sense-alarm // A Pebble app that gently wakes you up using the watch accelerometer to detect sleep cycles

pet-dispenser // Teach your pet to press buttons, or run low-cost behavioral experiments